Thursday, July 18, 2013

Roadside Attractions

These kittens were found on Bloomington roads.  Shilo Anderson was found at the intersection of Shilo and Anderson roads.  He's a sweet black kitten who was lucky enough to be in the right place when a friend of mine was biking.  I was looking for a companion for the fellow in front.  His name is Cheese.   He was found by the side of highway 48.  He was sick when he was found and had a nasty eye infection but is doing well now and enjoying having a buddy to chase.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ben and Jerry

Thinking cool, sweet, treat??  No, they're warm, fuzzy kittens!  Terribly sweet, tiny, precious.
They need a little cleaning up before they are picture-ready.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last night I left all the darling fosters and dear, dear Trinity at the shelter.  While I was there I saw 5 adoptions so I'm hoping they will soon find their families.  It's so hard to say goodbye.

The nest will be empty until September 11th.  I'll be so ready for new babies by then!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Almost Ready to Leave the Nest

I guess the key is to give them something new to play in.  Bernard thought the nice blue water dish was just right for a bed and Bonnie likes the cat bed well enough to pose for her portrait.  All of the kittens and mama Trinity are scheduled for surgery on Monday.  After that they are ready for loving homes.  Bonnie has a family waiting for her but the rest are waiting.  The home I'd hoped would take Trinity adopted another cat instead.  I'm hoping the increased efforts to encourage adoptions for the ASPCA challenge will mean these little guys will quickly find great homes.  It's always hard to say goodbye.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bobby and Bonnie go visiting

Fluffy Bobby hides in the rocking rooster while bolder Bonnie explores the furniture and does the dishes.  Both kittens thought the birthday treat was delicious!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bobby and Bonnie

They were added after Trinity and the B's but since they are also tuxedo kittens I named them with B names too.

Bonnie is an adventurer.  She like to sit on Granddad's shoulder.  Bobby is too busy playing with the yellow "string"  to bother climbing.  They are super cuddly and can't stop purring.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Secret of Tuxes

The Secret of Tuxes

You know the old saying, “Don’t mess with tuxes”?
Lend me your ear and I’ll share what the crux is.
But first, I must confess exactly how charming
I am – so much so that some find it alarming.

Why, me in particular? Let me give you the story.
My black coat flashes white blazes of glory.
As if that weren't enough to show I’m genteel,
A soft smoky jacket completes my appeal.

I was born with charisma coming out of my ears
I’m cute, perhaps even more than my peers.
I’m purry, I’m furry, I’m sweet and I’m wacky.
I love a good cuddle -- hope you don't think that's tacky.

I do have a limit – just one, I recall.
Don’t get between me and my sparkly ball.
My reaction could run to both ends of the spectrum
The last guy who did? Well, heck, I wrecked him.

I’m kidding, you see – just a harmless josh
Someone tells you elsewise, well, that’s hogwash.
Because the thing is with tuxes, and this is the word
Is that tuxes are so lovey it’s almost absurd

This poem was written by Cynthia for one of the kittens on Ittybittykittycommittee.  She has graciously shared it.   Since I currently have 5 tuxedo kittens I loved the poem.